Would you rather talk about your weight – or money?


68% of us would rather talk about our weight than money. If we overcome that barrier, we can go places. We're going to talk about money at WEDWisconsin.

On November 19th, Kim Sponem the CEO of Summit Credit Union, a $3.2 billion organization with 181,000 members and 590 employees across 36 locations, will be speaking at WEDWisconsin. In addition to being one of the leading women in finance in the country, she is also the co-founder of STAR Credit Union, a credit union for kids offering hands-on learning about money and business. That's long-term thinking.

When I took off on this journey to build a conference in 120 days a year ago, some people thought I was too ambitious but Summit answered the call by becoming our presenting sponsor which got us off the ground. We made history last year with statewide press coverage and the largest economic empowerment and leadership summit in celebration of women in business in North America for Women's Entrepreneurship Day, which is a global movement.

Summit supports women in business. They support our future. They support our families and communities.

Kim Sponem is a remarkable leader and she will be one of the leading women sharing their stories to guide you with yours at WEDWisconsin on November 19th.

Scholarships are available too! More information can be found at www.wedwisconsin.org, a woman's leadership summit in celebration of Women's Entrepreneurship Day on November 19th!

Be part of something bigger than yourself and see what's possible in your one and only amazing life.