November 19, 2018    |    Monona Terrace

Schedule for women's entrepreneurship day wisconsin

The WEDWisconsin conference provides an opportunity for women in business and tech to participate, learn and network. Featuring a variety of tracks that allow attendees to explore what’s next and what’s important to them, WEDWisconsin brings together a diverse and inclusive group of people to explore new ideas and make new discoveries. WEDWisconsin attendees also join a global community of purpose-driven leaders in 144 countries who are working towards better economic outcomes for all and the alleviation of poverty worldwide.

Breakout Topics

This year, attendees will be able to choose from breakout sessions in the morning and afternoon. Topics to be covered include:

  • Business Fundamentals - What You Need to Know to Get Started
  • Against the Odds: Charting Your Path as a Woman in Leadership or in Business
  • Beg, Borrow, or Bootstrap - Ways to Finance Your Business
  • Building Your Dream Team
  • Forecasting and Growth Strategies that Work
  • Blockchain, AI and You - What You Need to Know
  • How to Present Your Ideas
  • Pitch and Release - How to Put Together Your Shark Tank Pitch
  • How do I get in on that? - Women and Investing
  • A Better World - How to Start and Run a Social Enterprise or Non-Profit
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way - How to Grow Your Company
  • Creating a Culture of Ownership
  • Pivotal Moments From Small Giants - Leadership Lessons
  • Marketing in the Digital Age - How to Get the Results You Need

Opening Keynote
Morning Networking Break
Breakout Session 1
Breakout Session 2
Networking, Trade Show
Afternoon Keynote
Breakout Session 3
Afternoon Break
Final Keynote Address
Closing Remarks
Cocktail Reception/Live Jazz

*schedule subject to change

Keynote topics

  • The Power of Story
  • The Art of Imperfect Action - All Success Comes from Daring to Begin

Featured Speakers, Moderators and Hosts


Allison Liddle
President, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach, Trainer


Laura Gallagher
President - The Creative Company


Kim Sponem
CEO, President - Summit Credit Union


Grace Trewartha
Vice President of Finance - Manhattan Prep


Betsy Ezell
SAE - The Creative Company


Jessa Jeremiah
General Manager & On Air Talent - WI57


Calyn Ostrowski
Managing VP, Business Dev. & Financial Empowerment - Summit Credit Union


“Great day! Thanks for the love, hard work, and collaboration. POWERFUL day! POWERFUL women! ”

- Alissa

“I am a future entrepreneur and have been more empowered to move forward. This conference was very successful and enlightening.”

- Erika

“One of the best conferences I've attended in a long time - solid content, solid speakers, consistent... Authentic, real, empowering and motivating!”

- Vicki

“A wonderful day that you could tell had a ton of heart and soul poured into it.”

- Danielle

“Nice diversity of topics, backgrounds of speakers, and experiences.”

- Amy

“Thank you Laura! Attending the Women's Entrepreneurship Day last November helped me to step outside of limiting parameters and begin to think and consider more broadly - along with gaining confidence and the mindset that there would be organizations that accept an older person as a workplace wellness leader. Thank you for your work - your message reaches farther than you realize!”

- Lisa

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