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– 2017 Conference Schedule –
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Wisconsin

8:00 AM – Registration

8:30 am Welcome – Laura Gallagher and Lisa Peyton-Caire

Morning Sessions Include*:

9:00 am Session 1 -A Grander Vision
It takes courage to start something new. A grander vision is about the unique role you are called to as a woman in this world. Whether you are leading a company, a family, a business, a non-profit organization or a community, having an entrepreneurial mindset will help you see it through a different lens. Every day sends you off an an inspiring, unpredictable, vibrant and yes, often challenging, adventure. Are you pursuing a grander vision? Have you been waiting for permission to play? In our opening session, Laura Gallagher, entrepreneur, author and awesome bumper bowler, will encourage you to take the risk, overcome your fears, dig deep for your blind spots, and live life out loud.

Life Under Construction, Keynote Address by Allison Liddle
Do you feel stuck in a life you didn’t choose? Discover how to turn life’s adversities into your greatest strength with best-selling author, entrepreneur and founder of an award-winning financial planning firm, Allison Liddle. The foundation for designing a life you love begins with a great plan. In this talk, you’ll learn how to build a stronger, better future for yourself and others!

10:00 am Session 2 – Live “Think Tank” Exercise – Opportunity, Risk, Resources and You!
What would you do if you had $50,000 or $5 million? What could you do? In this interactive session, you will explore what’s possible when you have the resources you need to move your ideas forward. Sarada, a PhD from the University of Wisconsin’s Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship will be your guide. She is a social economist specializing in entrepreneurship and exploration of the ecosystems necessary for all to thrive.

11:00 am Session 3 – Show Me the Money! – Funding, Vision, and You
How do you fund a small business or grow an existing one? Where are the investors? What are they looking for? What does the SBA look for when funding? What kind of return do I need to provide? How does this work? These are the questions you will find the answers for when Summit Credit Union’s Angela Fitzgerald moderates a session featuring Jan Eddy, board chair at Kilo, Angel Investor and Tech leader, Andrea Hughes, regional director for WWBIC, Robin Dittberner, Economic Development Specialist with the SBA and Monika Wingate, who successfully sold her market research firm and has gone through several rounds of funding for her new company, Digsite.

12:00 PM – “It’s Not All Roses –  How perseverance, fortitude, resourcefulness, vision and creativity will take you far.” by Susan Lipp
Do you ever get discouraged? Feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Wonder if all that you’ve done actually leads somewhere? Then get a ticket to WEDWisconsin because our lunch keynote is here to tell you it can. “It’s not all roses – How perseverance, fortitude, resourcefulness, vision and creativity will take you far”, Susan Lipp, the owner of the second largest woman owned business in Wisconsin, Full Compass Systems, will inspire you as she’s walked that road herself.

Afternoon Sessions Include*:

1:00 pm Session 4 – The Success Matrix by Dina Nina Martinez
Winning in business and life take intentionality that begins with being true to who you are. Your hard work, support network, ability to sometimes laugh at life and willingness to move in the directions of your dreams will take you far though. This is the message you’ll hear from one of America’s funniest ladies, founder of Artemis Bow Productions Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, Dina Nina Martinez.  

1:30 pm Session 5 – Building Brave with Mary Burke
Has anyone ever underestimated you? Ever been left out? Felt like you weren’t somehow enough? Research shows that most women receive messages for much of their lives that encourage them to play smaller than their abilities – “Act like a lady”, “Don’t be bossy” are just a few. By age 6, girls start to believe that boys are smarter than girls. Teenage girls believe that they are valued for their appearance over their abilities. Whether it is from the media, our peers, or in the workplace, our behaviors and beliefs are impacted. As women, it takes real bravery to be bold and be YOU rather than someone else’s version of who you should be. In this talk, Mary Burke will shine a light on some of the challenges and opportunities for women beginning with how she built her own brave and then turned it into an app for all of us.

2:00 pm Session 6 – Communicating with Confidence by Using Data to Make Your Point with Jenny Herritz
Study after study indicates women are more likely to be interrupted or have their ideas dismissed than men.  Whether you’re a seasoned professional or the new kid on the block, we all struggle to be heard at times.  This session dives into effective ways to communicate and be heard, using data and other techniques to drive the point home.  You will walk away with practical and actionable tips for more effective communication, leading to the results you are after. Your guide will be Jenny Herritz, Principal at SVA and is part of the Business Intelligence Team where she helps people and companies solve problems and move forward.

3:00 pm Session 7 – Social Good in Action
Inspiring people to donate, give, support, volunteer is real business. In this session, you will hear from a diverse group of leaders in the non-profit arena who will be your guide with best practices on technology, policy, funding, current trends, where they go for help, what is unique about running a social good enterprise and how they are using innovation to move their cause forward so you can too. This session is moderated by Madison Community Foundation’s Brennan Nardi with colorcoded Founder PhD Christina Outlay, Miranda Rochol of Lifebook Builder, Karin Krause of Hope and a Future, and Carol Goedken, CEO of F.A.S.T.

3:45 pm Session 8 – To Grow or Not to Grow
Every business owner asks the question – should we, could we, grow this business at a faster rate. In our final session of the day, 6 women will answer your questions. From one retail location, to doing work on a nationwide or even global scale, the decision to grow is an important one. Are you running a lifestyle brand or a growth business? You’ll hear a number of different perspectives from Sabrina Madison, Megan Boswell, Corinne Neil, and Anna Stern.

4:50 PM – Cocktail Hour/Story Slam

5:30 PM – Join us after the WEDWisconsin Conference for the 3rd Annual W•O•M•E•N Reception at The Madison Club to hear Toni Sikes, CEO of CODAworx. Register for the reception at the Wisconsin Technology Council. WED attendees save $25!

*Please see our Speakers page for more information about the speakers and panelists.

Our Amazing Speakers and Panelists

Jan Eddy

Angela Fitzgerald

Dina Nina Martinez

Mary Burke

Allison Liddle


 Monika Wingate

Jenny Herritz

Christina Outlay

Robin Dittberner

Miranda Rochol

Brennan Nardi

Andrea Hughes

Karin Krause

Corinne Neil

Megan Boswell

 Sabrina Madison

Carol Goedken


Laura Gallagher

Lisa Peyton-Caire


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