WEDWisconsin aims to empower, celebrate, inspire and support women and girls in business and technology locally and globally. Our mission is to alleviate poverty by empowering, celebrating and supporting women worldwide!

Empowering Change through Entrepreneurship, Growth and Leadership

It is not too early to think about WEDWisconsin as on opportunity to align your company with hundreds of women entrepreneurs in 2018.

The results are in…
-50% of respondents are more likely to seek funding or learn more about an SBA loan as a result of the conference
-93% said the resource booths were helpful
-96% of attendees reported feeling more confident as a result of WEDWisconsin
-98% will recommend WEDWisconsin to a friend
-100% were glad they took this day for themselves
-100% of attendees reported they will come back next year

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“Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is everyday – Empower, Celebrate and Support women in business” Wendy Diamond – Founder WEDO/ChooseWOMEN

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