Photo of Monona Terrace Madison WI, the home of WOMEN’S ENTREPRENEURSHIP DAY WISCONSIN 2017.

Is This for Me? – Why You Should go to WEDWisconsin

by Laura Gallagher, Chairman of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Wisconsin, Founder and CEO of The Creative Company

You’re probably wondering whether you can afford to set aside a whole day for this. That’s a good question to ask because you already know your time is the most valuable resource you have.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider:
  1. We’re not going to play it safe. This is a conference with real answers from real women who are at every stage in business – from start-up to thriving. They will tell you their make or break moments, their funding successes and failures, and their sources of strength against adversity.
  2. You will be challenged in more ways than one. You will be in the game from the moment you walk in the room. You’ll feel the energy in the room of women entrepreneurs and leaders who will help you move your plan forward.
  3. You’ll meet leaders from small companies and big companies, policy makers, educators, women in tech and women in the sciences.
  4. You will meet women who believe we are worth more and are doing something about it.

Lastly, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a global event happening in 144 countries in November. You will be joining a global network of women in a movement for a better world. Launched in 2014, WEDO works globally to empower women and girls to become active participants in the economy by igniting a network of women leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to initiate startups, drive economic expansion, and advance communities around the world.


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I’m always doing things that make me uncomfortable, that are super hard and that often make people around me wonder why I do it. I do it in part because if I waited around for everything to line up perfectly, I’d never get it done. I take a leap of faith despite the fear and pursue challenging projects: I published a book, landed on a national board, was recognized as a trailblazer in Wisconsin, provided for two children, studied at the top entrepreneurial college in the country (a pipe dream 30 years ago), and employed staff. In short, I have made a difference in my own way with the one and only life I’ve been given.

So often, we listen to the whispers from other parts of our lives where we were told we were not enough. Those voices echo through our minds when things get tough.

“What if it doesn’t work? What if you fail?”

I say instead, “What if you do?” That’s okay. That’s the point of living, isn’t it? To learn. Make the mistakes as fast as you can and learn from them. Action, experimentation and creativity lead you to success. Too many people stand on the wayside wondering “what if”. But I ask: What if you’re going to be awesome at this? What if what the world needs is exactly what you can bring to market? What if you were wildly successful? What if it’s your turn and your time?

I’ve found that the answers appear when I open doors and peek inside. If I just take the first step, the next one comes easier. So join us at WEDWisconsin where you will be immersed in ideas and stories. Then see what happens next.


(Use Code “LAURA20” and save $20!)

Laura Gallagher is founder and president of The Creative Company, Wisconsin’s leading PR and Digital Agency where missional leaders go when they need to build, grow or change their story. Clients experience a responsive, connected, creative and data centric results-oriented leadership team of marketing professionals who believe one person can change the world.

The Creative Company is certified by the State of Wisconsin as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. Laura Gallagher was recognized by the Governor in June of 2016 as a Trailblazer in Wisconsin at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Her book #180in120 – How to Recharge Your Business in 120 Days is available on Amazon and at